Make arenaceous machine buy variety for industrial life add lustre to

  • The progress of the world is rapid, the rise of high buildings and large mansions is flying, traffic advantage is we are unthinkable, are these how develop? Control arenaceous machine is appropriative in the development of whole society graven function.
    Making arenaceous machine is the sort of makes concrete arenaceous stone machine that we often see in building site actually. Be in for instance road construction when, when building railroad, still having is high buildings and large mansions unpluggingly and before rising. The compose of these modern establishment is built, can not leave to make arenaceous machine this hero, because cobble makes the process of wear sand, can not be the thing of in one day, that have professional ability can be finished, and this professional makes arenaceous machine namely undoubtedly.
    What to make arenaceous machine have to attract our place after all?
    1. makes arenaceous machine form some programs each compact, program is sound, its are crackajack the characteristic is an operation it is convenience, good to apply safe, sealing, noise is little.
    2. makes arenaceous machine broken room chooses multistage broken flow and finely principle equipment, its characteristic is exercise wallop big, produce efficiency is tall, finely capability is strong, firm is banner, promoted greatly make arenaceous service life of equipment.
    3. makes arenaceous machine fragile expend cost of little, exercise low —— program is sound, destroy principle and technical parameter to precede, operation firm, exercise cost is low; Destroy all components of machine to all wear-resisting is safeguarded, will repair charge to drop lowermost limit, apply life to be able to progress normally 30% above.
    4. makes the machine inside arenaceous machine go up to be recuperated of wind force implement, can recuperate wind force large and small, wind force is large fineness low, wind force is small fineness and high-key to aspiration fineness can produce continuously. Fineness and arbitrary recuperation, production value and fineness the proportion of basis stock is different production value and fineness distinguish somewhat. Deserve to use lead plane electric machinery but can small, basis stock is fineness production value and calm.